How to learn a new language quickly

How to learn a new language quickly

Why learning a different language at school for about 45 mins a day is not effective at all? I studied English for over 10 years during my education years and after all these years I could barely say a few sentences in English.

When I was 16 I decided that when I graduate high school I would like to become an au pair in America to get to know the country and culture that I was so in love since I remember but I knew that my dream won’t come true till I will learn English FOR REAL!

Before even starting an application to become an Au Pair in America you need to speak basic English at least. But what about if you know the words and grammar but still can’t really keep up any conversation? That is the hardest part and I really do not understand why any school (at least in Poland) doesn’t really teach you how to use a certain language in practice. The only thing they teach you are the words and grammar – but what about practice side of using a language? The best way to really learn a new language is to be around people that speak a language that you trying to learn, yes – this is that easy!

Chasing my dreams, I started to learn harder at home on my own. I was trying so many different methods and today I would like to share with you the most effective ways to learn a new language and to show you that learning a new language doesn’t mean no fun πŸ™‚

Here is my list of 5 most effective ways on how to learn a new language completely for free!

1) Connect with native speakers
If you already know a language basis connect with people from the country where the language that you learn is domestic e.g. if you learning English connect with people that are originally from UK or America, if French, connect with people that are originally from France.

2) Flashcards
I strongly recommend making your own! They are so much better and you can decide how they look like and what to put on them. What is the biggest plus of the flashcards? They are small and you can take them everywhere. Waiting for a subway or even walking down the street you can simply have them in your pocket and use them anytime! If you too busy to create your own, I can recommend you flashcards with games from Linguacious. I used to play them with my mom who is just starting to learn English, we had so much fun and what is best you can see the results the same day! You can get them from Amazon by clicking HEREΒ and just choose the language that you want to learn.

3) Watching e.g. English movies with English subtitles
Oh yeah! There are a bunch of them on youtube. By watching the movies with subtitles in the same language will help you become very familiar with a new language. You can quickly learn vocabulary and pronunciation

4) 100 most used words in a new language
Find a list of 100 the most used words. They take over 50% of an average article πŸ™‚

5) Regularity
Another big step in effective learning is regularity! Look, if you can find an hour to watch a new episode of your favorite show season, then you can also dedicate an hour a day to learn a new language πŸ™‚ You already have a motivation so what are you waiting for? πŸ™‚

Hope you found this article useful! What is your motivation to learn a new language?

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