Why I refused to take a flu shot while pregnant?

Why I refused to take a flu shot while pregnant?

There is a lot of controversy about taking flu shot while pregnant. Most doctors recommend it and actually trying to force you to do so. While I was pregnant I was asked to do it the same day I came for my prenatal visit because any cold or flu during the pregnancy is much harder to fight with because any cold remedies from over the counter are having a high risk to harm an unborn child.

You will be always told by the doctor about all the positive sides of the vaccine during the pregnancy but when it comes to a question about the risks of taking a flu shot while pregnant, most of the times you will just hear; you may get cold in two or three days after getting a shot – that’s it! I have never had a flu shot in my entire life because I do not believe in it, but I am up to date on all other vaccines but always refuse a flu shot. I’ve known many people to become paralyzed from it and it’s not worth the risk to me. I was asked a few times by my doctor to get the shot and finally, I decided to make my own research on that.

Getting a flu shot during pregnancy provides unanticipated risks to the baby. Why no one says about huge risk of miscarriage, preterm labor and other bad impacts on the unborn child? I’m just wondering why the doctors that have authority and we trust – we let them have so huge impact on our health still recommend us to get flu shots being aware of the big health risks for pregnant women and their unborn children, and obviously this is not every doctor, but it seems a good amount of them persuading the flu shot into pregnant patients. Still, the most surprising fact for me is why they don’t give it to the babies younger than 6 months old so I can’t understand why they want to inject pregnant women and risk transmission.

I decided to write this post to make pregnant women more aware of the harmful impact the flu and other shots may have for them and their babies during the pregnancy. FLU SHOTS ARE NOT MANDATORY! I’m not a doctor and all I wrote in this post is my own opinion. Don’t be afraid to do your own research and then make more aware decision about it if you have any concerns, try out other doctors. A doctor suggesting the flu shot is one thing, but pushing it on you in the face could serve as a red flag!

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