Be fashionable being yourself on a budget!

Be fashionable being yourself on a budget!

The biggest fear of all the female au pairs is if $200 a week is going to be enough to cover new clothes, entertainment, travel, and other desires. So today I would love to share with you list with my favorite clothing stores that you can find all over America! Lets get started!

1) TJ Maxx & Marshalls
I think I don’t need to introduce you to those brands! Both great, good prices and clothes quality. You will get there anything starting with underwear, clothes and ending up with food items – it is worth to add that you can always find the snacks from all around the world. I love to shop for Christmas items in January right after New Year’s Eve and stock up with Christmas decorations and presents for the next year! Quick summary? You can get there almost everything you need!

2) Burlington
Burlington is just as Tj Maxx, but honestly I think it’s a bit cheaper – Yes! Cheaper than TJ Maxx 🙂 They have a huge variety of different brands that will fit your wallet for sure! You can get there brands like; Calvin Klein, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Jones etc. Burlington may not look as fancy on the inside as Tj Maxx but offers great prices!

3) Forever XXI
I’m pretty sure everyone knows this brand. You can find anything that is in fashion right now and they are always on time with all the fashion must-haves! You will also find very fair prices for quality items. They always have some clearance at the stores so you can get a piece of cloth, shoes or jewelry for one dollar and up 🙂 If you going to be at forever XXI next time, look for a banner with a sign ‘CLEARANCE’ 🙂

4) Macy’s
The entire store is famous to be fancy and expensive but you can always find coupons online that you can use at the stores! You can sign up for the newsletter on their website with an email address or phone number to stay updated with all the current fashion must-haves and gain access to store’s exclusive coupons and deals. They have separate sections for each brand that makes your shopping trip a very nice and easy experience 🙂

What about you? Where do you love to shop on a budget? 🙂

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