How pregnancy has changed my eating habits?

How pregnancy has changed my eating habits?

I was never a super crazy ‘health nut’ focused on eating balanced nutrition meals three times a day. I’ve been only kinda obsessed with eating organic fruits and veggies, local farm organic eggs and milk, pasture-raised meat etc. Knowing American trashy food that you can get all over Manhattan from New York City food trucks was just making me sick of even thinking how bad this food is. McDonalds on occasion, especially after a party was never a bad option when you just drunk and hungry and need something RIGHTTT NOW because otherwise you will die!

I was always thinking of eating more healthy but never really found a good motivation to do so. My only goal in all my previous eating habits, was to make sure I feel well: emotionally, spiritually and physically. I was comfortable with my weight so also that was one of the reasons why I didn’t feel like changing anything according to my eating habits. My lifestyle was also pretty crazy – filled with work, long lasting parties with friends, it didn’t matter that it was weekend or a week day (!), sleeping for 3 hours
after the party and going to work the next morning. I know it was not good for my health but as long as I felt alright it didn’t matter to me. Oh yeah I was a New York City party girl! I’ve never had any major health or skin problems so as long as I felt alright I didn’t put much effort in keeping a balanced diet. Untill…

… I figured out that I am pregnant! My baby is currently a little over a month old! Once I figured out that I am pregnant I made it my priority and mission to not only eat super well but to do so regardless of the cost or inconvenience. I was so scared and worried about not giving my body required nutrients for my baby well growing. I started to read a lot about ‘eating healthy while pregnant’ also I got more aware or benefits of keeping
balanced diet in your everyday life. I was the lucky one to feel great almost the entire pregnancy so it really helped me to eat healthy and making more aware food choices.

Did I start to be a healthy eating freak? Definitely no! I started to eat much healthier, choosing balanced meals over a fast food just because it is easier and faster to get. Thinking of your little one getting everything that you putting in your mouth can be the best motivation ever! I think every future and current mothers want what is best in the world for their children so it is not that hard to become more aware of what we feed our bodies with. Pregnancy hormones can change everything about what is right and what
feels good in your body. For sure every pregnant woman experienced those days of eating like a wild animal to days that you do not really feel like eating anything because you are just not hungry.

As a exclusively breastfeeding mother I’m able to keep my healthy eating habits after the pregnancy as well. I need to confess that it’s amazing how easily you can change your life and habits because of your little one! What is your experience? Are you rather a healthy eating freak or not paying much attention to what you put in your body?

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  • deriasworld January 2, 2019 7:05 pm

    As a mother of 3kids i can understand you 😊

  • Ultra January 6, 2019 8:16 pm

    Congratulations, baby. Fact, you have to change the way of eating, not to hurt the child.

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